A Comprehensive Guide on How to Make a Workout Plan

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Make a Workout Plan

For how long are you planning to start working out seriously? And for how many times have you postponed it? This is the high time to get rid of this vicious cycle and to obtain that celebrity figure that you always obsessed over! 

No, we don’t suggest any rash or extensive exercise. Only some simple guidelines are enough. Here’s how to make a workout plan!

Motivation and Determination

Motivation comes from within. But sometimes it can also come from a mirror or a weight machine! Just check how much calorie did you put up with that cheese burger you ate in the lunch? Or did that t-shirt that fitting just a month ago get a bit tight at the shoulder? This is nature’s way to remind you to stop gulping and stop exercising. 

Determine how and where you want to work out. A fancy gym or expensive equipments are not always necessary. You can start with some free hand exercise at your home or start running or cycling on the park. Whatever suits you!

Slow but Steady Wins the Race

You don’t need to rush and please don’t follow those “lose 50 lb in a week” tips! Such drastic change can cause a fatal disease or even cost your life. Go slow. Consult your physician. He/she may suggest which exercises are best for your medical history. Follow them devoutly. 

You don’t need to do 500 push ups on the first day. But make sure to do at least 30 push ups every day. With time you will be skilled enough to increase this number. Regularity matters when it comes about exercising.   

Healthy Diet

Only workout cannot improve your condition. You need to have an eye on your calorie intake as well. Cut off those street food or oily junk food. They later make you feel guilty anyway. Yes this part is difficult but when you will see your abs grow your distress will vanish in a second! 

Include extensive amount of fruits, vegetables and water in your diet chart. Based on your physical health you can also consume protein shakes. But don’t opt for those random weight reducing pills without any medical supervision. 

However you can have a cheat meal once or twice a month or on any special occasion. Life is not only about exercising but also about enjoying. Don’t let your workout session to be an additional burden that only increases your anxiety. 

Warm Up

Before any and every workout session warm up is a must. Play some beat music and dance along. Or jump slowly quite a few times or run around the room or park before increasing the pace. This will warm up all the muscles and enhance their stretch ability. 

If you randomly start your exercise, any muscle or even bone can be hurt. So warm up is a must. 

Make a Chart

Following anything for a long time requires enough preparation. Make a chart of which exercises will you follow. At which time during the day will you exercise? Maintaining a particular time is beneficial because your body acquainted. Also make a diet chart and consume food accordingly. 

Trust us when we say that all of these efforts will be paid off when you get to see those muscles or abs grow and lead towards your dream figure!


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