What Does Pre-Workout Do to Your Body: A Beginner's Guide

What Does Pre-Workout Do to Your Body: A Beginner's Guide

If you've had a hard time in the gym doing the heavy workouts, and unable to stay in the energetic zone for a long time, then you have to consider taking a pre-workout. Pre-workouts are nothing but the supplements that aid you in performing better at the gym.

They are the Redbull for workouts (Yeah, yeah Redbulls are an energy drink itself, but you see, they contain sugar). But what does pre-workout do to our body? Pre-workouts improve your performance and give a heads up for exercising.

So, depending on the type of workout that you do, if you take the pre-workout, you will be able to walk out of your gym feeling a lot better than usual.

Usually, Pre-workouts should be taken before the workout sessions in the right doses. Our body works the same way automobiles work. Like how they need fuel to perform better, the pre-workouts act as fuel for our bodies. Mainly the pre-workout supplements contain caffeine to improve your performance.

You can go for the natural pre-workouts as they too boost your energy significantly. With it, you will be on cruise control during workouts. The pre-workout supplements are mixed with either food or drink before heading to the gym. Some people experience uneasiness after taking the supplements mostly due to excess intake, or your body is not capable of responding to it properly.

However, you can switch to natural energy boosters if you find any problem with the supplements. They work similarly. We'll share with you some different types of pre-workout ideas here. To know more about what does pre-workout do, read on till the end. 

1. Banana

What Does Pre-Workout Do? Banana

The shiny amber-colored fruit is one of the best natural energy boosters if you're planning to switch to the natural supplements. The natural sweetener has carbs in them, which will be burned during your workout session.

Banana truly works wonders, and you will be pumped up the entire time in your gym, never making you feel lethargic even for a second. Which is excellent, and you would undoubtedly be consistent in going to the gym. Bananas are exceptionally the best eats before your workouts.

2. Black Coffee 

Black Coffee

If you're a coffee addict, you can make the best use of it. Since most of the pre-workout supplements have caffeine in them, why not try out your favorite drink. Black coffee is a great stimulant and helps you be productive by increasing the performance in your gym.

You can enjoy the soothing coffee and head to the gym, feeling the best version of yourself. What better way can you come up with for boosting your energy other than an uncomplicated black coffee, right??

3. Granola Bars

Granola Bar

You can either buy the bars from the stores or best prepare them yourself. They are packed with nutrients and give you the right amount of energy to be able to hit the gym. They are rich in fiber and fill up your energy tanks completely so that you would be quite hyperactive during your training sessions.

Granola bars naturally are highly beneficial, and the bars can be delicious where you can munch on them to make the best out of your workouts, rather than feeling exhausted just after half an hour of exercising.

4. Smoothies

What Does Pre-Workout Do smoothies

The delicious smoothies can be added to the list of pre-workout drinks. You can prepare individual smoothies like banana, apple, or you can mix all the fruits and prepare a smoothie.

It will be loaded with all the essential nutrients and would be the best way to start your exercising. You will not feel the heaviness and would be exercising at a lighting fast speed. 

5. Pomegranate/Berries


These vibrant colored antioxidants prove to provide you with water to keep you hydrated throughout the workout sessions. You can have the berries with yogurt or prepare a pomegranate juice to shoot up your water levels.

They do cost much, and you can fill your refrigerator with these fruits as a prep up for a whole week of the gym session. You would surely enjoy the energy you will be having during the exercise and maybe get obsessed with drinking these nutritious juices.

6. Coconut water

coconut water

Tender coconuts are not only regarded as the summer drinks, but you can also drink it before your workout to keep you hydrated. This nutritious drink is a perfect energy booster and can also be a great post-workout drink.

The tender coconuts are always the most inexpensive nutritious drink ever. It can quench your thirst after a workout or hydrate you before a workout. The choice is yours. This glossy green coconut is undeniably versatile.

Good and Bad of Having a Pre-Workout


Gain more muscle - If you're into bodybuilding or want your body to look good, pre-workouts are the best as they help in building your muscle in no time. It is a great way to gain muscle mass if you're planning to start or have already begun going to the gym. Now you know what does a pre-workout do.

 A rise in energy- If you're always someone who finds it hard to keep up with the pace or are losing your energy after a few minutes of workout, it is a great deal for you as you would never feel sluggish and always be highly motivated to go to the gym.

Aids weight loss - The pre-workouts promote weight loss due to the amount of caffeine it contains. If you're going for natural supplements like black coffee, the amount of caffeine it contains can help you lose that extra fat, which you always wanted to lose.


Loss of water - It might dehydrate you in the middle of the workout if your body finds it hard to cope up with the supplements. You can try out taking in small amounts initially and gradually increase the intake, but if you find yourself being drained out constantly, then you have to switch to natural supplements.

Denied sleep - Few people might experience insomnia if the intake is more. More the amount, more the caffeine, and hence you'll end up being more awake than usual. 

Uneasiness - There might be a nauseous feeling, or you might feel like throwing up at times. Constant headaches can also occur, which might completely ruin your routine and your workouts. We hope that you got a clear idea of what does pre-workout do.

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