Leg Workouts for Men: 4 Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Body

Leg Workouts for Men: 4 Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Body

During making a workout plan most often men tend to focus on upper body part like chest or arm muscle or abs while legs remain ignored. But legs are the key feature of a human body which frames the entire body structure. Leg Workouts for Men are beneficial for everyone to enhance stability, firmness, and to obtain a good physic.

In this article we will provide some great leg workout ideas which are simple yet extremely beneficial for your overall appearance. 

Squat Jump

This exercise will help to vitalise your ankle and hip muscle. 

Steps to follow: Stand with your feet wide open and squat so that your thigh is parallel to floor. Now jump and let your knees bend in a 45 degree angle. Repeat a few times. If you want to take the exercise to the next level you can also balance a dumbbell on your shoulder while squatting. This will further strengthen your shoulder muscle too. 

Walking Lunge

This exercise looks simple but you need some practice. This will strengthen your knee, heel and enhance your stretch ability.

Steps to follow: Sit on the floor on your knees. Now start to lunge forward with one knee while the other knee is touching trailing the ground. Give pressure on the heel of your lunging foot before your alter the other knee to lunge forward. Walk like this in the entire room at lease once or twice. You can also carry two weights on two hands while lunging. 

Glute Bridge

This exercise helps to stretch your leg muscle and also strengthen your backbone. 

Steps to follow: Lie on you back while keeping two arms on the two sides of your body. Now fold both the knees and place the feet firmly on the ground. Then lift your body balancing on your arms and feet. Up to this part the Glute Bridge workout is done. For a Single leg Glute Bridge stretch one leg forward in the air while balancing the lifted body on two arms and one heel that is touching the floor. 

Stretch and Bend

This is a traditional workout which is extremely helpful even today. This exercise will help to enhance stretch ability and reduce belly fat. 

Steps to follow: Sit on the floor stretching your leg. Now bend down and try to touch your toe with your finger while bending over your leg. Ideally your head should touch your knee. 

Things to Remember

Leg workouts will help not only to strengthen your leg but to vitalise your entire body. It will also help to build your concentration. But remember that home workouts take time to show results. This is not a rocket science. So you need to be very patient and maintain the workouts with full devotion. 

But don’t be whimsical.  Consult your general physician in case you have some prior injuries or restriction. For example knee bending is not an effective suggestion for someone who has weaker knees.  Similarly any rash movement can cause internal injury to your veins which can lead to the extent of costing your life! 

Be careful. Exercise properly. Eat proper nutritious food. And attaining your dream fit and healthy figure is only a matter of time.


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