10 Best Fat-Burning Exercises: Weight Loss Workout Plan for Men

10 Best Fat-Burning Exercises: Weight Loss Workout Plan for Men

The extra weight you carry is not a big problem. You do you. But if you ever wanted to feel confident, then without a doubt the thought of working out to achieve extreme fitness has been a fantasy for a long time.  We are sure that it has been equally fierce for many others who never thought of becoming the fitness guru they are today. It is the most fruitful journey with satisfying results only if you are honest and determined. Make that dream come true. A proper weight loss workout plan for men is the key to get a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger!

In simple words, letting go of your excess fat and turning it into your muscle weight is the key to getting a great organization. Thus, with these fabulous and effective workout regimes at your convenience, you can have a muscular and fit body.

1. Deadlift




You will need a barbell placed before you on the ground. Bend slowly by your knee to reach for the barbell and grab it. Keep in mind that you must keep your hips, back and shin straight while picking up the barbell.

Do not bend your back when you bend down to pick it up. While getting up, try to push your hip forward and push it back while bending forward. Allow your knees to bend a little. 

This exercise is the best weight loss workout plan for men to lose fat. Do not get started by doing more than ten reps before leveling up your fitness regime to that level.

2. Push Up

Weight Loss Workout Plan for Men push up



This exercise requires no equipment. You shall stretch on the floor with your back facing upwards. You must keep your elbows at an angle of ninety degrees to your body to keep your form and core straight. This not only helps to increase your upper body strength but also increases your core strength.

One can start with sets of 15 to 20 pushups each day. Once you get used to it, increase the number sets according to your body requirement. This is one of the best exercises of weight loss workout plan for men to lose fat.

3. Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Bench Press



You have to lie on a flat bench holding a barbell above you kept on the rack, about your shoulder-width and secure grip. Now, pick out the barbell bar from the rack in the same position and let it come right above your chest straight up. Your arms must be extended. Breathe in a while, letting the barbell bar descend closer to the middle of your chest. Breathe out by pushing the barbell bar up with your arms extended. This is one whole rep.

This exercise of the weight loss workout plan for men to lose fat increases your testosterone levels, promoting your activity to be active and fat burning.

4. Barbell Lunge

Credits: leanitup.com



Hold the barbell of considerable weight across your back and step forward with one foot. Sink to form a lunge and let both your knees bend, the back knee as close to the floor as possible. Repeat the same with the other foot.

Thus the exercise of the weight loss workout plan for men helps one to charge up to one’s metabolism as it will take away a lot of energy. It also increases your core strength and burns all your fat.

5. Sit-Ups

Weight Loss Workout Plan for Men sit-ups



You shall lie on the floor with the knees bent. Make sure your knees do not rise all the while this exercise is happening. You shall now place your hands beneath your head and help your core strength lift your torso from the floor.

Reach till your knees if possible. Go back to lie down and again lift your torso. When you use your body weight to exercise, you start burning fat quickly. 

Thus, this exercise is perfect and effective in the weight loss workout plan for men.

6. High Knees

High Knees
Credits: workouttrends.com




You must stand straight; keep the legs apart as much as your shoulder-width is. Jump while lifting one knee and alternate this motion. This is excellent cardio of the weight loss workout plan for men that enable one to lose fat.

7. Mountain Climbers



While staying in the plank position, set your hand in a place that is wider than your shoulder-width to give you better support. Your right knee shall be brought closer to your chest without bending your back or the hip.

Make an alternate motion with the other leg and get the hang of the movement. It needs to be done at high speed. Being the perfect exercise of the weight loss workout plan for men, this is effective.

8. Burpees

Credits: muscleandfitness.com



This exercise requires you to jump, squat, and jump into a position where you lie on your hand and your toes, keeping your body in a strong plank-like core structure. Now, with the help of your hands, push yourself up, and get back into the squat, and stand straight.

Repeat this process and give the weight loss to work out a plan for men an extra edge. You will burn a lot of calories in the process.

9. Side Jack Knife



Lay on one side, for example, your right side. Lift your left leg slowly while lifting your torso. Let your left leg and your torso come close and then release. This is to be done while lying on your left side too. 

10.Russian Twist

Russian Twist



You shall sit on the floor while keeping your legs to the front. Instead of sitting straight, lean back a bit, sitting in a ‘v’ position while keeping your foot wide apart. You are supposed to twist your torso in this position for at least 20 seconds.

Final Words

This workout routine is very intense but not unachievable. One can easily help oneself by following these steps to burn calories and excess fat in their body. With no rush or hurries, start everything with a few warm-up exercises likes spot jogging, jumping jacks, etc.

Make sure you take one exercise at a time if you are a beginner. Try pairing up one exercise with the other and keep adding till you can do most at one sitting. Do not overdo it. Exercising is a good way to burn calories, but it just does not burn calories.

If your muscles have never moved a certain way, they will during these exercises. One wrong technique can make your body ache abnormally. Therefore, under the proper guidance of a trainee, or just watching the trainee carefully doing these exercises can save you from unnecessary pain. You are ready to work on this weight loss workout plan for men.

Also, don't forget to take a good pre-workout to boost your exercise performance.


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