Protein Shake Before or After A Workout: What's Right for Your Body?

Protein Shake Before or After A Workout: What's Right for Your Body?

If you've been under the spell of consuming protein shakes every time you work out because you watch celebrities sipping on the shakes in fresh bottles with shiny toned muscular biceps, you might have to think twice before gulping on your drink.

Your body may react to it negatively if taken inappropriately. So, if you've been consuming it irregularly assuming it will not affect your body, then it is of serious concern.

Now, if you're wondering when is the right time to down your protein, protein shake before or after a workout, well, you have come to the right place as we will give you a broader idea as to when to have it and why it is good to consume only during that time.

When To Consume Protein Shake Before or After a Workout?

When To Consume Protein Shake Before or After a Workout

If you're contemplating on when is the best time to consume your protein shake before or after a workout, well, we highly recommend you to drink it before a workout.

Are you surprised? We'll tell you why it is important to have your protein shake before a workout.

It depends on the type of workout you're doing as well. So, let's explore more on this here. 

1. Accelerated Weight Loss

Now when you drink your protein shake, and as it is your body will get more protein which means it will furthermore increase your protein levels and, an increase in protein levels will lead to burning of the calories in your body.

So, protein and metabolism go hand in hand. More protein will lead to an increased metabolism rate, which in turn reduces the calories. So, when you consume it before a workout, it will help you in reducing your calories quicker than usual.

Recommended: Whey Protein

An excellent protein powder that helps you in losing weight and also building muscles.

It is an animal-based protein that is a by-product of cheese. It is one of the best of all the protein supplements available and helps you in keeping your body fit and well-built.

If you're lactose intolerant, then it might not be a good option for you. 

2. Muscle Building

Ok, this might involve some bio concepts but we'll put it in the simplest way possible to help you understand as to how having a protein shake before a workout will help you in increasing your muscle build.

Proteins are made up of amino acids. There is a specific type of amino acids known as branched-chain amino acid (BCAAs).

Consuming a supplement that contains BCAA before a workout will help you in spicing up your amino levels in the blood and limits the breakdown of muscle protein, thereby enhancing your muscle growth. 

Recommended: Casein Protein

It is an animal-based protein and has the BCAAs in them, which makes it an excellent drink for building your muscles in no time and boosting your performance at the gym.

The right amounts of this supplement will help you immensely in toning your body and keeping you fit and energetic.

3. Counteracts Muscle Breakdown

Usually, after a workout, it is natural to experience muscle pains, but at times it will be too much that you find it hard even to move an inch, right? 

It happens because the muscle tissues are broken down extravagantly. What if we tell you that you will not feel the excess pain anymore after an intense workout?

Well, at least not to that extent. That is why consuming the protein shake before a workout is beneficial.

Due to high protein levels, even after your workout, you will have the energy, and it will limit extreme levels of muscle breakdown. 

Recommended: Soy Protein

A plant-based protein or whey protein works the best, and you can gulp down your shake before your session and have a good time at your gym. You'll be pumped up than usual. The protein shake before or after workout works best if you choose the soy protein shake to boost your amino acid levels.

4. Get Rid of That Extra Fat

Taking the protein supplements high in BCAA also helps you a lot in burning the excess fat. So, a protein shake before a workout works the best to burn the fat during an intense workout session.

Your energy and your protein levels will be elevated that makes your sessions more profitable, and you could see your body getting perfectly toned and fit.

Recommended: Egg

Egg protein is rich in BCAA, and you can consume the protein shake before working out to burn the excess fat and stay healthy and fit. Apart from egg protein, whey and casein are also good alternatives to burning the fat.

All the protein workouts are the best protein shake before or after a workout. You can increase your protein levels by these and, they also come in numerous flavors that you can choose from where you can enjoy your drink after an intense workout and also keep fit.

The ideal way to consume them is to blend it with milk or water. However, you can add them to your smoothies or your food to maintain a regular balanced diet.

Now that you know when to take your protein shake and why you can try out the different ones and figure out which one is best for you. If your body is not reacting to it well, then switch to the other one.

They all are best if included in your diet regardless of your workout schedule. It will help you reduce weight, build muscle, and also increases your metabolism. You will feel light and stay as fit as ever.

With the right amount, it will have a great impact on your body, and you will have a positive outlook too.

Final Words

Protein Shake Before A Workout Benefits

We hope you have understood the way your body works if you consume protein shakes before a workout. If you still are confused about protein shake before or after a workout, you should try this method for a week and let the results speak for itself.

However, It is always advisable to drink up your protein shake and then head to the gym to see more results and also be energized throughout.

Choosing the right supplements for your workout goals are also necessary as each one has different ingredients though the common product is protein. It's simple; our body requires more protein to help us lose weight and also build our muscles.

So, that can take place efficiently only if you consume the protein shake before a workout to reap the most benefits and notice the outcome in no time.


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