Most popular workout programs that will make cancel your gym membership!!!

Most popular workout programs that will make cancel your gym membership!!!

Unless you have the complete will and drive to get fit, no fitness facility can be of help. Quitting your gym membership may not a bad thing. You can start working with a few 2/3 month workout programs. It saves hell lot of money on memberships. In addition, it saves a few trips to the gym. In that savings, you can actually build a decent home gym yourself. Dedicated people get more fit at their garage, than they could even imagine at the gym.

Don’t get us wrong. There are a lot people who are gaining amazing shape at the gym. They have the will and drive to do that. It’s something hardwired into them. What we suggest is to try some of the popular workout programs before becoming a regular at the gym. Listed here are the top 3 popular workout programs for quite a few years now.


This is a program that gets you fit in 90 days. It gives you a complete changeover. Transition from couch potato to beach body is a real prospect. To be honest, the exercises are hard. They involve the least of equipment. It's a great workout program for starters. Basically, it's a bunch of videos focusing on different parts of the body. Overall cardio health and pyrogenic are included as well. This program works like charm, but it can be too hard for beginners. We suggest trimming down a few reps, if you are new to workouts, altogether.


P90X is proper old school fitness. P90X2 is more of an everyday functional fitness. The focus is on functional fitness that involves a lot of core and balance moves. These are the workouts you need in day to day life. The entire course is based on Post Activation Potentiation (PAP), a new type of scientific training. PAP is a popular approach in the world of sports. It is mostly about loading heavily prior to explosive movements. For instance, weight resisted squats is immediately followed by power jumps. It is a great way to boost your power.


While the P90s are 90 day transformations, Insanity requires just 60 days. The tagline is 'you don't need a gym membership’. Insanity is as perfect as any program suited for home gym setup. It tones your body via 15 minute workouts. It is again part of Team Beach Body programs. It is for people who go the extra mile, even when body is willing to stop. Losing up to 8% of body fat with Insanity is no feat. You start looking lean, strong and ripped. The program doesn't require weights. The body is responsible for supplying the resistance. You need less than an hour per day for this program.

There are so many infomercials of workout programs, coming on TV in recent years. You are likely to catch one, switching channels right now. Not all of them are proven or good. Check what people are saying about the program. Online reviews and testimonials are your friend.


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